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The word “Future” denotes a concept that works as an invisible force behind all our actions. We plan, act and create situations that would influence our tomorrow. Mankind has always endeavored to make a better future and the zeal has led him to people who claim to know “what awaits him tomorrow”; Hence What’s My Horoscope today is one of the most searched phrases on the internet today. In a horoscope the astronomical planets express themselves with different qualities in the twelve signs of the zodiac and in the twelve houses and determines one’s personality and Horoscope.

In astrology, the wise old sun, occupies the 4th house and in a zodiac reading owns the signs Leo and Aries.

The Sun represents conscious ego or the self and its expression, in a zodiac reading is the provider of personal power, pride and authority so any individual having the sun at the helm of his life will exhibit an innate leadership quality, creativity, spontaneity, health and vitality.

Idiosyncrasies in personality traits in an individual governed by the Sun have a fixed pattern. Such an individual exhibits high self-esteem, spirit, leadership, positivity, energy and ambition.

The Sun rules one’s basic personality and changes its sign every month. Hence a favorable position of the sun in the horoscope makes an individual physically fit and active.

In the body, Sun represents health, head, body, bone structure, blood, brain, bile, digestion, voice-organ and the heart. So a weak position of the sun in the horoscope can create heath issues related to heart eyes and digestion. An unfavorable position of the sun can work adversely for an individual’s character traits, such individual may be arrogant, argumentative, lose their position and power due to lack of judgement.

The sun being the center of all the energy in the universe has a good connection with Jupiter, Mars and Moon. Somehow Venus and Saturn share some hostility with the Sun and Mercury shares a completely neutral position with the sun. Hence the sun being the center of cosmic forces hold the utmost power to change an individual’s life make the universe work in your favor.

Prelude To Astrology

The keys to understanding astrology, by their groupings into elements, qualities, ruling planets and more.

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