Uranus: What it Means for Your Horoscope

22-11-2017 / Astrology Prime

Modernization! Unaccountable ink has been invested in describing the process of this new age concept. This word stands for “Change” but have we ever thought what invoked this need for change or something new in human mind? What adjured the need for replacement of the traditional system? What made “men” come out of caves and build the civilization that we inherit today?

Uranus, the 7th planet in the solar system with the third largest planetary radius is considered the planet of rebellion and invention in astrology. Which also is the answer to all the questions you are still asking yourself.

In astrology, Uranus holds the power to influence one’s life drastically but slowly as it takes 84 years for the planet to complete an orbit.

Uranus invokes expansion of consciousness. The planet brings with it new perspectives, bizarre characteristics and complicated schemes of understanding. Uranus is utopian in nature, it doesn’t feel the need to follow the status quo. Instead, it favors building new dimensions for life.

Uranus governs the zodiac house of Aquarius, an individual under Uranus’s governance is intuitive which paves the path for inventions. The position of Uranus in a sign will be shared with other people in the same generation due to its slow movement.

In a horoscope, the position of this planet by sign determines when the individual under its influence will feel the sudden urge to bring change in a conventional structure; Uranus can stimulate one to go against all of the establishment and create new molds.

So if you are having trouble blending in and feel the constant need to question existing values and systems, be sure, Uranus is the one to put the blame on.

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