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In astrology, the 2nd and 7th house in a horoscope is adorn with the planet of charm and pleasure, Venus. This planet associates itself with individual’s pleasure, specially the pleasure one seeks to share with others.

Venus holds itself responsible for the love, pleasures, romance; It provides harmony in emotional attachments, personal life, relationships and other unions of two individuals.

This planet has its strong association with sensuality, charm and an individual governed by this planet has creative inclination. One hand it provides happiness and tenderness and on the other, makes an individual

compassionate towards others and teaches them to love their precious possession.

Venus represents beauty, and any individual who is governed by this planet is a true connoisseur of art and aesthetics. Venus as the ruling planet for the signs Libra and Taurus, constantly adjure these signs to unfold the mystery of world and see the ultimate truth, the real beauty that if the true force behind cosmic world.

A favorable position of Venus in an individual’s horoscope creates a charming magnetic field around the person which makes them appealing and attractive effortlessly, such individual excel in the field of art, dramatic, culinary business or any creative work as Venus rules these professions.

Venus’s position in the house of a sign determines an individual’s married life and pleasures and luxuries drawn from it. If this planet is in a weak position in an individual’s horoscope, they lack physical appeal, such individual tends to have amicable behavior, they often fail in love relationship and bumpy married life.

One hand Venus advocates for earthily pleasures and on the other it invokes a phlegmatic nature in an individual by making it spiritually detached from the feeling of possession, to put it in simple words an individual governed by Venus will seek pleasure without being forever attached to the feeling of it, they will enjoy appreciating and move on to the next.

Venus overs sees the functioning of body parts like throat, chin, nose, eyes, sexual organs, kidney, bladder etc. and a badly placed Venus can result into the dysfunction of these organs.

Venus rules on Friday, its in a friendly position with mercury and Saturn but is not amiable with sun and moon though shares a neutral position with Mars and Jupiter, a badly placed mars can lead to laziness, aloofness and perverted habits and a favorable position can bring positive effects like beauty, property and wealth in your life.

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