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The ninth sign of the Zodiac is Sagittarius. This is an abode for the nomads of zodiac. Truth is their god, and to seek truth they travel and meet new people and get an insight into what mankind has to offer. They are born philosophers and spiritual gurus; the primary motive of their life is to find the meaning of life and they certainly use their keenness and wit to find answers to all their questions. They are easy going and they are always in pursuit of freedom and positivity.

Centaur is the symbol of this Zodiac sign, if we go by ancient mythology centaurs were intellectuals, well that defines quite a lot about sharp wits of Sagittarius. These people have a clear mind, they always like to think out of the box and feel happy

when their out of the world ideas are appreciated.Centaur is half man and half beast…which makes them argumentative and outspoken. These people are self-driven and like to find their own path…If they see someone imposing their thoughts on them they become impatient and lose their self-control.

Jupiter the King of gods is the ruling planet of this Zodiac sign. These people have inherited all the royal genes from their ruling planet, they are generous and kindhearted people. They have rich thoughts and are quite expansive in their approach. Sags are always looking out for more information and are pretty vocal about their thoughts, you can also say they are always ready for verbal diarrhea. All thanks to Jupiter’s golden glow these people are rulers of luck. They tend to take things for granted as they know luck is on their side. They are self-centered as hell.

Fire is the key element OF Sagittarius and Sags are swift and uncontrollable just like their ruling element. The believe in adventure and action, to an onlooker their life is a rollercoaster ride. They are filled with energy and have next level stamina. Sags have their spirits at the top, they can talk all day, they are so fast that you need a computer to process their words. They are inspiring too. All in all, sags are fun and full of life. They are born party animals as well.

In their love life Sags are playful, flirtatious and over the top…This zodiac sign is one of those zodiac signs that can play any game like a pro, but likes to play mind games like chess, scrabble etc. They wear colours depending on their mood. The greatest strength of the natives of this Zodiac sign is that they are enthusiastic, broadminded and philosophical. They can play with words, which makes them more charming.

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