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Scorpio is the eighth sign of Zodiac and this sign only knows business…You cannot fool around with these people as they are quite particular about their work and the people around them. It is either black or white for them, there is no gray zone in their life. They like to keep a clear head. They are only bothered about the beginning and end of a project. Nothing on earth can scare them, they are quite fearless that way. These people are modern day Sherlock Holmes, they enjoy doing in-depth investigation. Most of their decisions are based on their intuitions.

Scorpion is the symbol of Scorpio, and that is not a coincidence.

These people are destiny’s children and they like to live their life on their own terms and conditions. They may come across as self-destructive people, but believe it or not, they have immense power to regenerate, just like the scorpion. Scorpios never quit, if they want to achieve something they will give their life to do it. They are passionate about whatever they do, they are shy and secretive. May be that’s the reason why people don’t understand their value till the time they don’t leave their life. They are one of the most resourceful people you will ever come across.

Mars and Pluto are the ruling planets of this Zodiac sign. If we go by ancient mythology, Mars is the God of War and Pluto is considered the God of the underworld. This is a deadly combo which imparts Scorpios a lot of power and energy. A scorpion never allows anyone to come in its way and so too Scorpios. You will see their temper rising if they see a road block. They are always motivated, and they certainly know, how to win the game.

The element that rules this zodiac sign is water. As we already told you, Scorpios are secretive. Adding to that, they are emotional as well, but you won’t get to see them losing control as they like to suppress their feelings. They like to keep their emotions safe and secure, under the wraps. Scorpios have an inborn ability to read between the lines, which serves as a curse on them. They are undoubtedly clever and can manipulate others to get things done. These people do not tolerate anyone who crosses their path, well, that would be the last thing you would want to do, to a Scorpio, as they don’t forget to take revenge.

When they are in good mood they are loyal and passionate, but they don’t like to pay heed to other’s perceptions about them. Scorpios like to win, that’s why they always taste victory in sport and love. They are devoted and passionate lovers, but they are lusty too and there are times when they forget about love and only try to fulfil their lusty desires.

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