Second House

22-11-2017 / Astrology Prime

The second house is all about your prized possessions, that’s why it is called the House of Possessions. Though this house governs what you own, here you are supposed to look at the broader picture and understand that this house is not only about your material possessions, it is also about your emotions, feelings and the vulnerability you expose yourself to, when you open yourself to someone.

The second house talks about values, how much value we assign to what, why that thing or person is valuable to us? What value do we give to ourselves? The value we give to our emotions and how it will affect us in

the long run. The major attribute of this house is, it also focuses on how you are going to use your possessions and tells you where you are going wrong.

The second house keeps a check on the following among your possessions: -

  • Your income as well your investments
  • The goods you possess.
  • The static as well as movable property that you own.
  • Your debts also fall in this category as you are supposed to pay your bills.
  • Finances, savings, budgeting are all ruled by the second house.

Being financially sound gives you a sense of freedom, but here the second house brings in a change in your thought process by a bit, it makes you aware of your prized possessions, which is not just money, but way more than that. It tells you that personal freedom does not come from financial stability, but it comes from using your capability and strength in the right direction. It also tells you how your family, friends and social life play as crucial a role as your possessions.

The second house is ruled by planet Venus and the Zodiac sign Taurus, which makes you aware about your abilities to use your possessions in the best way.

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