Seventh House

22-11-2017 / Astrology Prime

The House of partnership is what we call the seventh house in astrology, this house is quite crucial as it signifies a shift from self to your partner. We collaborate and associate for a purpose and purpose is the key to this house. Achieving something for oneself, for your partner or for the society is integral to this house. When we associate with someone we become worthier of our society, it gives you a purpose in life and teaches you how to work and understand someone, which on the other hand makes you a better person.

Partnerships not only makes you a selfless person, but it also shows you

how to improve yourself.Partnerships at work, play, career and life gives you contentment and makes you complete. Our partner completes us and makes us whole. In the end how, we relate to others gives us a better understanding of what we truly are.

Seventh house tells us that, partnership may come in different forms and each for makes you aware of some hidden side of yours. Any partnership fills the void within you as a human being and makes you a better person. You are ought to feel comfortable and content about yourself once you are in a partnership with someone.

The seventh house is ruled by zodiac sign Libra and planet Venus. This house also makes you strong when it comes to broken relationships. It always makes you a stronger person. This house takes care of all the legal issues you face in a partnership. Seventh house shows you the value of having a partner in your life.

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