Sixth House

22-11-2017 / Astrology Prime

This house is popularly known as the house of health, it is essentially connected with good health and the ability to cope during drastic situations. As we know no one is perfect, we all have some or the other flaws, but what do we do with these shortcomings, how do we handle them or how do we survive during a personal crisis. Flaws, accidents, crises are some things which can leave a person shattered and smashed, but this house takes care of all the problems you may face and gives you motivation to fight your way out.

The major focus of this house is on work and service, it also takes care of

your health, diet, fitness and lifestyle.We have got to be fearless in life, as fear kills your ability to achieve anything worth achieving. You cannot always stay safe in your shell, you will have to come out and face the odds. Life is called a journey because we learn those things here which no institution teaches us. It teaches us the most important thing, which is the theory of survival. Your survival in adverse situations is integral to this house. As we already told you this house focuses on your work and service, you can understand that, this house also focuses on your employment, those you serve and your training.

We all work for others, but the work we do for ourselves is the most important one, as it defines us as an individual. This house works towards those situations when we are suffering, going through a crisis…It makes us understand the value of life and whether we can stay at our best behavior and face all odds with courage. The Sixth house brings out the best in you even in your worst situations.

It is ruled by the zodiac sign Virgo and the planet Mercury, it tells you about your potential to serve others in the best way possible. Last but not the least this house focuses on your daily hassles and always to keep calm and handle different situations.

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