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The second zodiac sign is all about getting rewards, they only know business and its outcomes. They are least bothered about from where or how they are getting rewards, for them bottom line is they are getting the desired rewards. Physical pleasures and material goods is what brings smile on a Taurian’s face. Their moves are touch oriented be it gentle, soft or sensual touch is what gives them immense pleasure. Taurus love to be in their comfort zone and they embrace the tiny pleasures of life.

Taurus seem to enjoy all the luxuries of life, a good meal and a comfortable abode is all a Taurus wants.

Taurus are pleasure oriented and they certainly know how to entertain themselves. If you meet a Taurus tomorrow don’t feel bad about their adamant and stubborn behavior as they are born with it and no matter how hard they try they cannot change it. The sign that represents Taurus is a bull and that pretty much says everything about them.

Yes, the people who are born under this Zodiac sign are bound by certain qualities, in a way they just want to get things done…just the way the mascot of this Zodiac sign does. They are strong headed and will do anything to achieve their goals, well if that makes them stubborn, they don’t mind being that. Taurus are the most trustworthy members of the slot and if you trust them you will always have their shoulder to lean on. They easily get along with people and will never make you feel left out while chasing their goals.

They are self-motivated and try to motivate others as well, once they have set their goals nothing on mother earth can stop them from achieving it.

Anything pretty and beautiful is always appreciated by Taurus, well they are ruled by Venus, who if we go by Roman Mythology was the torch bearer of love, beauty and pleasure. If you see a Taurus you may ponder about their materialistic and extravagant behavior, but nothing pleases bulls more than beauty. They are ardent followers of beauty and they have surely inherited this quality from their mother planet Venus.

Loyalty is what Taurus live by and this quality earns them brownie points in romantic relationship. Taurus would do anything to keep their partner happy…Though they also take care of their pleasures and make sure that, all their physical desires are fulfilled. Taurus are pond of sentiments and many a times go overboard, they are passionate but not possessive and that’s what makes them more adorable as romantic partners.

Earth is the ruling element of this Zodiac sign and that’s why these people are always grounded. They don’t wish to touch the sky, but they like to stay humble and conquer the land. We all have heard about the famous quote ‘slow and steady wins the race’, Taurus live by these words…They like take things slow and steady, taking hasty decisions is not their cup of tea. The folks, who are born under this zodiac sign are the epitome of patience and loyalty, that makes them quite earthy. Bulls will be bulls and anything out of its order can make these bulls go mad. Taurus are quite temperamental…rather temperamental is an understatement for them.

You cannot taste victory in an argument if you have a Taurus opposite to you…and anyway who would like to bear the brunt of a bull’s anger, its better you maintain a safe distance from them, when they are not in their best mood. Give them some time and they will be back to normal. We hope you certainly know if you upset a bull what’s there in store for you…So, better be cautious.

Strength is what defines Taurus, and it won’t come as a surprise to you if you see them indulging in various adventurous activities, they like to go for trekking, hiking and all the activities that test their strength.

People who are born under this zodiac sign are devoted towards whatever they do, they are romantic, loyal and dedicated towards their partner and these qualities make them best life partners.

Taurus know how to get things done and they would do anything to achieve their goals…It is their loyalty, truthfulness and determination that makes Taurus what they are.

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