Tenth House

22-11-2017 / Astrology Prime

This house is generally associated with social status and that’s why it is called the house of social status. Through this description we get a clearer picture about ourselves and the society we belong to. It gives us an idea about what our society wants from us, how we as individuals can make this world a better place, how we see ourselves and how the people around us see us.

Tenth house mainly focuses on your vocation, it governs your career pursuits like what profession you will choose, how it will affect your life, what kind of employee or employer you will be, and the most important

thing: how you will rule another’s life, but we must not forget there will always be a supreme lord.

Your social status, pride, ego and prestige are integral part of this house, as it makes you the social butterfly you are. This house also focuses on the usage of power, it tells whether you will use your power for the greater good of the society or just laze around and enjoy the fruits it provides you. This house talks about your career and how it has an impact on your social life and level of ego you possess.

It also focuses on your interaction and relationship with the people around you and how you as an individual make a difference to your society. It tells you about the art of sacrificing and there is no harm in thinking about others before you think about yourself. This house addresses your father who is the head of the house and the role of his existence plays in your life.

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