Third House

22-11-2017 / Astrology Prime

Generally, the third house of your natal chart is called the house of communication. Mainly this house focuses on a person’s close heart to heart communication with his or her family and friends. This communication an be of any type, it can be written or verbal. This house focuses on your high spirits and mental connections with the people you communicate with. This house brings out the intelligent being within you and highlights the major aspect of this house.

Your intelligence is governed by this house, it tells you about your intellect, sensibility and practicality and how you can make the most out

of those for your greater good.It makes you understand that it’s absolutely fine to use your wits to attain that edge over people.It also tells you about the importance of your close ones in your life. We should always remember that our mind is quick, efficient and can actually talk volumes about our potential.

Our early education and what we preach are also taken care of by this house and every trip we make. Third house is the one which keeps a tab on it. Travelling educates people about the world and that is the basic motive of this House, it constantly makes you aware and alert about the things around you. It plays a great role in showing your abilities and guides you towards its usage.

The Third house is ruled by planet Mercury and Zodiac sign Gemini. This house works on three basic principles of thinking, processing and sharing. Knowledge is of best use when it is shared, and this house encourages you to garner and share you knowledge, which in a way helps you to become more intellectual.

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