House 12: House at the end of the street

22-11-2017 / Astrology Prime

In an art gallery when we see any abstract painting by any budding artist Salvador Dali comes to mind. His famous paintings that are bizarrely beautiful and their deep-rooted narrative lies in his choice of frame, color and so on. These paintings are not the ones that hit you instantly, one must brainstorm, look beyond the visible and obvious. Only then can the ultimate truth be elevated. A Dali painting is a journey from what it looks like to what it really is and so is the case with house 12 in astrology.

House 12 is the house that represents the abstract, the ultimate, the end. When a planet or zodiac completes its anticlockwise movement around the

other 11 houses the journey halts at the 12th house.

In a factory, a product goes through one final touch up at the last counter where a machine, which is designed especially for the elimination of errors ties up the slack ends; House 12 does the same.

This house symbolizes conclusiveness, end or metaphorical death. In astrology house 12 represents Old age, parting from one self and proceeding to another. The house is governed by Jupiter and Neptune. It asks one to come to terms with one’s desire for success and strikes of failure. This is the house of reckoning, it is a process where one at the end is at the abyss. It can either be an end or a beginning, the choice is yours to make.

This house is a purgatory, it either brings you to the finish line or you reincarnate into a better self. The house makes us face our fears, secrets and sorrows.

Though the house can scare most of us, it holds immense power to transform our personalities. The house in true terms can reshape one’s person. The house pulls off masks from faces and makes one see their true selves. What are your waiting for? Visit to find out what the scrolls say about your future now!

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